King Shiba — reinventing the MEME craze for crypto’s last quarter.

The so-called Dogecoin-killer, Shiba Inu, was launched to take advantage of the ongoing meme coin craze. Now King Shiba aims to answer “what’s next?” on the Shiba Inu agenda.

King Shiba is cooking up a feast and points to become one of the most significant coins in the world with a fair playing field from the start, mass marketing and celebrity endorsements. Who knows, maybe Vitalic will get a cut of the supply…? What is known is that the project and team have everything it takes to make a next-level coin.

Bow To The King

For the good of the realm, this latest meme dog is built to take the BSC space by storm — King Shiba, the ONE true Inu to rule them all.

There is nothing better than a fresh pup on the block to get the degen’s peasant spirit scrambling for beans. This latest branch of the Shiba dynasty by legendary developer King Crypto hits all the high notes and shows considerable potential for a super moon.

Many Shibs have come and gone in recent times, but King Shiba is developed to thrive! The team is a potent mix of talent, well connected in DeFi development and marketing; there is truly nothing out of their reach. All team members are doxxed officially or doxxed to the developer personally for piece-of-mind and appear regularly in voice chat in the King Shiba telegram.

King Shiba is not just a token; The King has a Kingdom to build and look after, which the King will do with a kind heart, a mighty roar, transparency, competency and integrity.

You are watched and protected; you have nothing to fear, swear allegiance to the King, and you will be rewarded.





Contract: 0x84f4f7cdb4574c9556a494dab18ffc1d1d22316c




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King Shiba

King Shiba

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